Puff Daddy & The Family - Facts (Video)

By Bad Boy Entertainment

Puff Daddy continues to put in work even during the hectic holiday season. The Bad Boy CEO released a short film for “Facts,” the intro off his sonic motion picture, released on Nov. 4. The Kid Art visual shows Puff Daddy dropping knowledge on a young boy at Combs Enterprises HQ. He said at his MMM listening party last month that the freebie project was inspired by Mekhi Phifer’s character, Mitch, in the 2002 hood drama Paid In Full and lays it out on “Facts.” “But check this out with this fairy tale I created in my brain. Imagine this Mitch n—a survived,” Puff tells the youngin’. “Took those different talents and attributes and business skills and applied it to the world of business, the legal game.”